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How Is Jesus Calling You to Lay Down Your Life for the Church?
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Holy Marriage

“A man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife, and the two shall become one.”

Permanent Diaconate

“Select from yourselves reputable men, filled with the Spirit and wisdom.”

Consecrated Life

Men and women consecrated to intimate union with God through a life of total dedication.


“Grace was given me by God to be a minister of Christ in the priestly service of the gospel.”


Vocation Office Blog

Check your baggage

"You can forget the past, but it will never forget you." When discerning your vocation, it's essential to deal with wounds from your past that may be keeping you from moving toward God's will for your life. Past events can be damaging even years after they happen:...

The Many Different Roles of Diocesan Priests

“No two days are alike,” say many priests when speaking of their day-to-day work. Ask an older priest to reflect on the history of his priestly ministry, and the likelihood is that you’re in for an interesting story. Because priesthood is a vocation, not a job, the...

Undecided is not a vocation

Nobody is called to do nothing with his life! God calls everyone to a specific vocation. And while discerning your vocation takes time, and can often be difficult, rest assured that God is not calling anyone to perpetual indecision. It might be easy to confuse the...

Priest and Hero—Fr. Vincent Capodanno

In 1966, when the bloody Vietnam War was raging, Fr. Vincent Capodanno volunteered for service as a United States Navy Chaplain serving with the U.S. Marines. His mission was to minister to soldiers on the battlefront—an assignment that cost him his life. Born on...

Why You Need A Spiritual Director

So you've been working hard to live as faithfully as you can, receiving the sacraments, and especially going to confession regularly. You are doing what is necessary, but you feel like there's another step you need to take - but you just can't quite take it. Maybe you...

Asking the Right Questions

“If you don’t change direction, you’ll end up where you’re heading.”Chinese proverb Failure to Launch was the title of a popular movie a few years ago about a shiftless young man with no direction in life. The term “launch” in the movie’s title is used...

Why Do We Say And With Your Spirit?

What can the words of the Mass teach us about the priesthood? Plenty, says Msgr. James Maroney, a liturgical scholar who has traveled the country preparing priests to understand and celebrate Mass better. “The liturgy itself tells us who the priest is,” explains Msgr....

How to Talk to the Vocation Director

If you wanted to be a journalist, it would make sense to talk to someone who works at a newspaper. If you wanted to be a chef, it would make sense to talk to someone who works at a restaurant. Just so, if you feel an attraction to the priesthood, sooner or later you...

Seminary 101

Many people, even many Catholics, have a vision of seminary as a very strict monastery. They imagine men walking around in hooded robes with folded hands, observing strict silence, and never smiling or laughing. But that is not even true of a monastery, much less a...

The Art of Self-Knowledge

“The unexamined life is not worth living,” Socrates famously said. He really meant it, too, as he also said that a man must “interrogate his own nature” and “work precisely” or else he will “miss what is good and become involved in what is bad.” Every Christian man...

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God has a plan for your life.

The primary way to discover His will for you is by first pursuing holiness! Through regular prayer, service, and spiritual direction, your vocation will be revealed over time. Need help? Contact us!

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