Josh Harris


St. Vincent de Paul Seminary
10701 S. Military Trail
Boynton Beach, FL 33436

School: St. Vincent de Paul Seminary
10701 S. Military Trail
Boynton Beach, FL 33436


I’m a native of Atlanta Georgia. I was raised in a loving mixed faith household split between Judaism and Christianity. In my mid-twenties Jesus stole my heart shortly after I began attending a local protestant Church. In 2019 I experienced a newfound proximity to Jesus after competing RCIA and receiving first communion at Christ the King.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Piano, Christian Songwriting, Music production, exercise, and stand-up comedy.

What is one of your favorite scriptures?

Joshua 1:9

Who is your favorite saint and why?

Saint Jude, because he is the patron saint of impossible causes and loves coming through in the bottom of the ninth.

In a nutshell, what is your vocation story? How did you feel called to the priesthood?

I grew up Jewish but fell away from the faith around nine after my parents divorced.

In college I got my first taste of God when he miraculously freed me from addiction and gave me a life of peace, passion, and purpose through a 12-step recovery group. I’ve been happily sober since 2008.

I later attended a local protestant church and started reading my Bible on a family vacation. After reading the gospel, I closed my eyes and saw images of Jesus, arms open wide, ready to embrace me. Overwhelmed by love, I surrendered to Christ as my Lord and Savior. I felt like I was on a mountaintop with the spirit of God blowing through me.

Nearly 4 years later, I went to mass with a mentor and left with a newfound peace that surpassed understanding. I soon joined a Catholic Bible Study, began praying the Rosary daily, and enrolled in RCIA at Christ the King.

After getting connected to the vocations department by my RCIA sponsor, I began attending discernment masses through the Archdiocese of Atlanta. The call to priesthood intensified with daily mass and adoration. Two years after my confirmation, I was accepted into seminary. I couldn’t be happier. 

What is seminary life like for you?

There’s a beautiful structure leading to deeper faith and fellowship with my brothers in Christ. What I’m most impressed with is how invested the seminary is on forming the whole person into the image of Jesus. They make sure we live balanced lives punctuated by prayer, Christian fraternity, and challenging academics.

What do you look forward to about being a priest?

Being able to reflect Christ’s love to my parishioners during their greatest triumphs and tragedies through the strength of The Eucharist.

What advice do you have for other guys thinking about the priesthood?

Contact the vocations department and attend a discernment mass and/or retreat. They’re here to help you discern God’s call. Lastly, do these things daily (or as often as possible) and God will make your vocation clear.

1.      Go to mass  

2.      Say the Rosary

3.      Go to adoration

4.      Find at least one weekly volunteer commitment.