Formation for the Priesthood

How does one become a Diocesan Priest?

Becoming a Diocesan Priest is an adventure. It is a process full of spiritual discernment, challenging academics, and ultimately surrendering every aspect of your life to Christ’s Church. This may sound intimidating, yet, it is a wonderful and inspiring journey full of the illumination of Christ’s love in our lives.

How long does it take?

There are a few options for a Catholic gentleman to become a diocesan priest.

  • For those young men coming out of high school, four years of college seminary studying Philosophy will prepare you for major seminary, which is 4 years of Theology and priestly formation.
  • For men who are in college yet want to enter seminary, transferring to a seminary college is an option. Finishing the undergraduate degree at the student’s current school is also a great option.
  • Men with undergraduate degrees will partake in pre-theology courses, which is two years of prerequisite philosophy before beginning the four years of Theology. This is also an option for men who have Graduate degrees and feel called to enter into the seminary.

Though it can vary, typically it takes 6 to 8 years from the time when a young man enter seminary until he is ordained as a diocesan priest.

How do I begin?

Formation for the priesthood begins with a period of discernment, which involves diligent prayer and discipleship. If you think you are ready to talk about this intense discernment, contact the Director of Vocations.